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Welcome to Charming Soverato

At the tail end of my fall trip to Italy, I spent a couple of days in the beautiful town of Soverato.

If you're looking at Italy as a boot, Soverato is located on the east side of the toe, on the coast of the Ionian Sea. With a population of under 10,000, Soverato is the wealthiest town per capita in Calabria, which is overall the poorest region in Italy.

Few Americans Here

I went to Soverato at the suggestion of Lilly Meyer, of Calabria Dreaming, an American who relocated to Calabria. But Lilly is one of very few Americans in the area.

When I spoke to a bartender, she said Americans didn't visit Soverato (which was fine with me). More German and French, as well as Italians from other areas, visited during the high season. Here's the cute bar I had an aperitivo in.

Because Calabria is off the beaten path for Americans and other English-speaking tourists, few Calabrians speak English (which was a great opportunity for me to practice my Italian!).

Sea Views for Days

The thing that took my breath away about Soverato was the seaview. I stayed in a B&B on a hill overlooking the city and the coast. As you can see, it's unlike anything!

Though it rained much of the two days I was in Soverato, I did get to spend some time walking along the beach. Unfortunately, my phone had died that day, so I didn't get a pic of the gorgeous rainbow that sprung up over the sea!

I didn't have nearly enough time in Soverato, and I will be back in warmer weather so I can soak in that gorgeous water!

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