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Tips for Traveling with Friends

My recent trip to New York City was my first with anyone other than my husband, son, or mother. I was worried that we’d want to do different things, or get on one another’s nerves. It worked out marvelously, and I want to share a few tips that helped.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Do Things Separately

Cordula can go from morning to night. I need to go back and relax and recharge. So we did. She got to continue seeing the sights of Manhattan, and I got to sort through my pictures and call my family from the comfort of our apartment.

2. Have Separate Rooms

It’s just nice to have your own space, especially when you might be cranky and tired after a long day of sightseeing. Plus, we didn’t have to fight for space for all our crap.

3. Share Your Favorite Experiences


Cordula adores the Empire State Building, so she took me on a tour of the best views of it. I was impressed. I shared Eataly with her, the giant Italian emporium designed by Mario Batali. She didn’t know who he was. I like to think we’re both richer for having the other’s perspective.

4. Let Serendipity Happen

I taught Cordula this word, and she really dug it. To me, it means magical things happening when you least expect them. Like the food market, Mad Eats, we stumbled upon, exhausted and jet lagged after arriving in the city. Or deciding to go to TGIFriday’s (her pick) in Times Square and finding killer drinks.


5. Tag Each Other on Facebook

Because it’s fun. And because it doubles your pictures of your trip.

6. Get Some Space

I think I covered this in #1, but we never bickered or got on each other’s nerves (I’m at least speaking from my perspective) because we weren’t together 24/7. That’s enough to drive anyone to argue. Just ask my family.

All in all, I found traveling with a friend fantastic. It opens up travel opportunities for me, since I can take more trips than what I have planned with my family!

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