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Travel Tip: 5 Essential Items to Pack on Your Next Trip

You know to bring clothing you can layer. A tablet for reading and games. Toiletries. But in my experience, there are a few things that not everyone thinks of that, once you bring, you’ll be glad you did.

1. Small Pocketbook

I never bring a purse while traveling, though I do like to bring a pocketbook like this. It’s super simple, takes up virtually no room, and will hold my money and credit cards without my feeling like I look like a tourist. Plus it’s cute and goes with everything!

2. Plug Adapter

Obviously this only applies if you are traveling to another country. But think how sad you’d be if you arrived and realized you couldn’t charge your dying camera or tablet. Sure, you can sometimes buy the adapters at a store or market, but that’s one task you don’t need to add to your itinerary if you pack it instead.

3. Chargers

The item travelers forget to pack the most is probably chargers. And yet we rely on them! I like to pack an extra one in case one shorts out or I misplace it. My tablet, phone, and camera all need to be charged, and I don’t like to have devices competing for the one charger I brought, so I bring extra.

4. Day Pack

Sling day pack

When you’re out on the town, taking a tour, or exploring a museum, you’ll find it super handy to have a pack that you can store a bottle of water in, as well as one with room for brochures and small purchases. I ordered this Sling Bag for my Italy trip, and found it the perfect size for what I needed for the day. The fact that it fits like a backpack also made me feel my belongings were safe in a crowd, especially when I wore it to the front.

5. Journal

I’ve stressed how important taking my travel journal is on trips. We experience so much while traveling that it’s easy to forget the tiny details that, once remembered, really enhance a memory. Even if you only jot down a few sentences to help you remember the day, you’ll look back and be happy you took the time.

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