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Travel Tip: Enjoy the Perks of Global Entry

If I had to name my favorite investment that I’ve made toward bettering my travels, it would have to be my Global Entry card. It takes so much of the stress out of returning from a trip abroad, and saves time too!

For the uninitiated, the Global Entry card is one that pre-approves low-risk travelers and lets them expedite through many travel processes at the airport (in the US, not other countries).

Here’s more about why you absolutely need a Global Entry card if you’re a traveler.

1. You Get Automatic TSA Pre-Check

I know; TSA Pre-Check isn’t even as special as it used to be now that more people are getting it, but it still saves time. Not having to take off your shoes or remove your electronics or liquids makes it less of a hassle, and usually the line is at least a little shorter than the standard TSA line.

2. Customs is a Breeze

When you hit US soil after a 7-hour (or longer) flight, I guarantee you are tired and crabby. The last thing you want to do is stand in a snaking customs line to be asked questions. That’s why Global Entry is so magical. You zip over to your special line where you scan your fingerprint and card at a kiosk. Answer a few questions and bam. You just saved 30 minutes standing in line behind a guy who clearly hasn’t showered for days.

And after that, you get the expedited line through the Declarations port too. Whee!

3. Wanna Go to Mexico? It’s Easy

Most of my friends don’t travel to Mexico, despite the fact that we are literally 20 minutes from the border here in San Diego. Why? One reason is because it takes so damn long to get through Border Patrol back into the US. But I’ve used my Global Entry card a few times and just breezed through.

The fee for the Global Entry application is $100. It’s a small price to pay for such an improvement in the travel experience, in my mind!

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