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Travel Tip: How to Have Plenty to Read While Traveling (Without the Weight of Books)

I’m starting a new series here on Unexplorer: Travel Tips! Each Monday I’ll start the week with a brief tip I think will help you travel cheaper, happier, and more authentically.

I’m a reader. I mean, I really love to read. At any given moment, I’m knee-deep in at least three different books. And when I travel, I want to read books and magazines. But who wants to have half the weight in your carry-on bag be from books and magazines?

My secret?

My tablet. Not only is it useful for checking email and playing my favorite game, Two Dots, but it also becomes a reading machine for me with a couple of cool apps.

The first is the Kindle app for Android. I download my books before a trip, and have unlimited goodies to read. I prefer this to having an actual Kindle, even though they’re lighter than my tablet, because of the other functionality my tablet provides.

The other app I love is Texture. It’s a magazine subscription app, but instead of paying for each magazine, you pay $9.99 a month for all-you-can-read magazines. And I can read a lot of them, so it’s a fantastic value.

With these two apps, my tablet is a light, portable library for my travels!

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