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Why I Travel

Talk to my husband and kid, and you’d think I hate traveling. After all, I stress out over planning the trip beforehand, and once we’re there, I freak out (especially in another country) when things don’t go according to said plan.

So why in the heck do I travel?


I’m a control freak by nature. It’s a gift passed down generation to generation on my Mom’s side. Thanks Mom!

When I travel, I am forced to give up control. Note that this hasn’t been an easy process for me, but it’s one I’m getting better at.

When I let go, I see what’s around me. Really see. I see the deep lines on the face of the Mexican vendor trying to convince me that $20 is a good price for a cheap blanket. I see the color of the sun in the South of France. I see the artistry that is found in a simple baguette and fresh cheese.

In my day-to-day life, I think I don’t see very well. I’m busy working, raising a child, being a partner. I don’t often stop and smell the proverbial roses. Travel allows me to get outside of my head and enjoy life.

Hm. I should travel more!

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