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Yoga in Tuscany? Sign Me Up!

I’ve been mulling over the idea of going on yoga retreats around the world. 1. I love travel. 2. I love yoga. 3. Having a plan (like regular yoga classes) can ground me in an unfamiliar environment.

So when I attended the day yoga retreat at Keys Creek Lavender Farm, I was thrilled to hear that Lisa Hampton, founder of Mindful Fitness, was planning a weeklong retreat in Italy! What could be better than practicing my Italian, enjoying Italian food, and getting my yoga on?

And so I will be in Tuscany September 17-24, 2016 at the Moments in Tuscany Retreat. I’ll be staying at a gorgeous villa, near the walled city of Lucca. There will be hikes, cooking classes, swimming, opera, a trip to Cinque Terre, and oh yes, yoga!

If all that sounds appealing to you, join me. The more, the merrier.

Now I have to plan what I’ll do the weeks before the trip. A tour of Italy sounds nice…

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