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Expat Coaching, Site Updates, and Other Exciting News

I'm excited to share what I've been up to's been a lot!

When I moved to Italy, I was in a career shift. I wanted to pull away from the content writing I've been doing for nearly 20 years (!!) and focus on coaching. It's been a journey to figure out who my audience is.

I felt a strong pull from the second I arrived that my work and living in Italy would somehow jibe together.

I finally figured out how to make that happen: I am an intuitive expat coach!

In truth, I didn't even know such a thing existed. I WISH I'd known about expat coaches when I started on this move abroad. Now I'm fortunate enough to be able to help solo women on their expat journey.

From Planning to Arrival

Unless you've been on this journey, you can't imagine the logistical and emotional stress it creates. At what I call the Manifesting stage, a few years before the move, expats are often in a gray area. They have a dream of moving to another country but maybe have no clue how to execute that plan (what plan??).

Then when they do start to solidify the plan during Crunch Time, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. After all, they've got a lot of logistics thrown at them...

...shipping their belongings (and maybe pets)...

...and oh yea, there's the emotional strain of completely untethering from the life, friends, culture, and country they've always known.

But once they arrive as Newbies, it's far from over. With all our boxes and pets, we tend to pack a lot of expectations about how life should be in our new home, and usually, we're off the mark. And culture shock is a real thing that no expat is exempt from. Sometimes it even veers off into expat depression.

As I said, it's a lot.

But imagine how much easier this would be with a trusty guide. Someone to keep you accountable, hold your hand, and make you feel like what you're going through is completely normal. That's what I do as an expat coach.

I'm so excited to provide that loving support, as well as spiritual tools that I personally have used to ground myself, disconnect from ego, and generally feel better (that's where the intuitive part comes in). My clients also get Goddess Oracle Readings to guide them to next steps.

If you're interested in learning more about my expat coaching services, please send me an email and we'll set up a free consultation.

Changes to the Blog

If you're reading this, you may have gotten here because you followed me on The Unexplorer blog. I've now consolidated that blog with my primary site,

I'll now be posting twice a week: on Mondays, I'll offer insights for expats, and on Fridays, I'll share tidbits of my life in Italy as well as my travels around the world.

If you follow me on social media, I've also consolidated my Instagram account. All coaching, spiritual, Italian, and travel content will be @su.guillory. (Please follow me!)

And if you are a woman who is dreaming of moving abroad, in the process, or already has become an expat, please consider joining my free Facebook Group, The Enlightened Expat. As always, I'll be offering free tips and creating conversation, as well as giving members first access to any programs I offer.

That's all the news for now! Thank you so much for going on this journey with me!

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