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Free Guide: How to Start Living Authentically After Divorce

As I developed my spiritual coaching services, I began to see patterns in the people I wanted to help. Women, like me, who were seeking meaning and authenticity after a difficult divorce, sometimes struggled to figure out what they wanted once they stopped being wives.

For those of us who have been through the pain of the end of a marriage, we often find ourselves wanting more. Questioning who we are now that we aren't wives. Asking what we want out of life.

For me, the answer led me here, to the south of Italy. For you, that answer might be moving abroad. It might be picking up a creative practice after a long dormancy. Starting a business. Rock climbing. Fishing. Really, anything.

Whatever living authentically means to you, I want to give you the tools you need to ease into this MAJOR life change. So I created this beautiful guide, How to Start Living Authentically After Divorce, to help you.

The best part? It's totes free.

Download it here. I'd love to get your feedback after you work your way through it!

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