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The Magic of Gratitude in a Spiritual Business

Instead of writing yet another post about the things I'm thankful for as a business owner, I want instead to talk about gratitude in general.

Having a gratitude practice is incredibly powerful. It can amp up your ability to manifest what you want in your business. But gratitude shouldn't be relegated to one day a year when you're sitting at the table with family, ready to dive into that turkey and dressing.

How Gratitude = Manifesting

It might not be immediately obvious how being grateful for something can help you bring in more goodness.

When you're trying to manifest things, it's easy to get into that "I want" mindset.

I want more clients.

I want more money.

I want to work fewer hours.

Consider the Universe like a waitress at a diner. Here you are, a customer, demanding all the things you want. While She's willing to give them all to you, She might get a bit overwhelmed by all your demands.

So you take a step back and focus on gratitude. You tell Her all the things you're so thankful you have.

I am grateful that I get to work for myself.

Thank you for gifting me amazing clients.

I am thankful that I have a flexible work schedule.

As soon as you show gratitude, your energy shifts and elevates. The Universe feels that vibration rise and is ready to deliver what you want.

Creating a Gratitude Practice

Like I said, being grateful shouldn't be something you do only on Thanksgiving. You can incorporate into your daily life with very little effort.

For me, my practice is to, twice a day, count three things I'm grateful for. I do this first thing in the morning, upon waking, where I list three things I'm grateful for that are coming up in my day. I also choose one thing I am ready to manifest. It could be small, like getting a package I didn't expect, or something bigger like securing a new client.

I do the same at the end of the day (also in bed), and I list three things that happened that day that I'm thankful for.

This practice is simple, and for me, it's the equivalent of praying. I'm letting the Universe know that I receive Her gifts with grace, and I always appreciate them.

So what are YOU grateful for in your business and in your life?

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