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Who Do You Want to Be in This Beautiful Life?

So many of us allow life to just happen to us, to mold us into who we are. But do you realize that you actually have the power to shape your life?

Case in point (if I haven't already made this point too many times): after my divorce, rather than playing the victim, I took control of my life and now live in Italy making art and doing exactly what I want to do.

Yet, I know so many women who say, "Oh, I wish I could do that BUT..." and then they give me a litany of excuses.

I'm no different from them. Or you. We all have power that we can tap into to make big changes.

Seeing the Future: a Meditation

Last week, I shared a meditation with you that allowed you to go back in time to uncover the things that brought you joy. Now I'd like to share another meditation that steps into the future to sharpen that vision of your authentic life.

If you're game, read through it and then set aside some time to do the visual meditation.

But first, I want you to put to sleep that little gremlin who likes to tell you that your dreams can’t happen.

That you don’t have the first clue how to make them a reality.

That you don’t have the money.

That now’s not a good time.

Let’s put that little monster to bed. We don’t need him on this journey! Imagine the little creature (mine’s a short, stubby, green fellow) tucked into bed. Give him some Nyquil to make him sleep.

Now let’s do a little meditation. Please get comfortable. Close your eyes. Take three deep breaths.

Picture yourself in five years. Zoom into a spot that feels magical, safe, and comfortable. Take a moment to look around and see what your

surroundings look like. Are you on a beach? In the woods? In an art studio?

You’ve left behind all of the sadness, the frustration, the baggage. You get a fresh start. How do you feel?

Sit with those emotions for a moment...

Now pick one scene to experience in your new life. Maybe it’s having coffee or a drink with new friends. Traveling solo. Painting. Rock climbing. Working in your new business.

Again, note how you feel. What’s different in those emotions from how you normally feel in your life today, here in the 3D? What’s different in how you live your new life? What’s different about YOU?

I’d like you to imagine words that describe how you feel living this new, authentic life floating above in balloons. These words describe your emotions right now. Grab three that best fit how you feel.

Hold onto those balloons as they bob in the breeze. Really feel those emotions that you’ve chosen. Remember your words for when you come out of the meditation.

Take one last look around and say goodbye for now to this new life. Don’t worry! You’ll be back!

Take three deep breaths. And when you’re ready, come back into your space and open your eyes.

I hope you were able to really see and feel yourself in your new life. Whenever you're feeling discouraged about reaching your goal, you can do this meditation to remember what you're working toward.

Dealing with the Gremlin

Now, just for a moment, I want you to wake up that gremlin that you put to sleep earlier. What is he telling you about what you just experienced? What limiting beliefs is he whispering in your head?

Do you recognize that what he’s telling you isn’t the truth? Can you see past the lies to envision how you could make this desire a reality? It’s tough sometimes, because for some of us, that gremlin has been embedded in our heads our entire lives.

But think about all the things that little voice has kept you from doing. How he's limited you, with the excuse of keeping you safe.

Honey, you already know there is no guarantee of safety in this world. You’ve been hurt. You’ve lived through incredibly painful things. That gremlin didn’t protect you then, and it’s not protecting you now.

So let’s pat the little guy on the head. Thank him for trying to keep you safe, but tell him you’ve got this now. You’re capable of deciding what you do with your life. Not him.

If you hear his voice again, acknowledge that he's piping up, then ignore him. It may take some time, but eventually, you won’t hear it at all.

When you can visualize what you want your life to look like, it's easier to manifest it. I love making vision boards to give me something to see every day as I work toward my goal. And every single thing I have ever wanted (move to Italy, fantastic house, fantastic Italian boyfriend) I have manifested!

I'd love to you find these meditation blog posts useful? Any recommendations for future posts?

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